NEWMATT: "NEW MATerials and Techniques for sustainable engineering"

NEWMATT s.r.l. ("NEW MATerials and Techniques for sustainable engineering") is a spin-off of the University of Salerno, which combines the production of innovative materials and structures for sustainable engineering with consulting activities and services.

The mission of NEWMATT if focused on the following major goals:

Mechanical metamaterials: Design, rapid prototyping and patent of "mechanical metamaterials", i.e., unconventional materials and structures with properties mainly derived from their geometric design, with special focus on metamaterials for the seismic protection of buildings, impact protection and thermo-acoustic insulation;

Green fibers and filaments: Design, rapid prototyping and patent of new geometries for reinforcing elements of sustainable composite materials, which feature hierarchic multiscale structure inspired by natural shapes and fractal geometry;

Deployable structures for smart buildings: Design and production of deployable and controllable structures for the design and manufacturing of dynamic facades of smart buildings, renewable energies harvesting devices, and interior design objects;

Structural health monitoring: Innovative techniques for nondestructive structural health monitoring based on next-generation sensors/actuators and scanning laser vibrometry;

4d-Printing: Development of 4d printing technologies.

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